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For World Travelers No Contract Cell Phone Plans Are a Good Investment

Purchasing a cell phone can become a bit complicated when you travel a lot. Not only do you have to worry about coverage areas, you also have to be concerned about whether you will be able to maintain a contract if you sign one.  No contract cell phone plans put an end to that worry because you are only committed to the amount you have already spent. If you combine that with unlimited plans like the unlimited everything plans offered by GivMobile, you really have very little to worry about. Talk as much as you need, they will be no bill in the mail - if the mail could actually find you.

Use a cell phone without the long term commitment

Giv Mobile offers no contract cell phone plans as well as the cell phones that work with them. Getting started is easy, all you need to do is visit their website, select the phone you want to purchase, select which of their unlimited everything plans fit your needs and activate the phone once you receive it. You select the plan you need and pay for 30 days of service. After the 30 days, you can ‘renew’ by buying another 30 days.

Stay within a budget

Not needing a contract may potentially save you money in the future, but a free android phone will save you money right now. Giv Mobile has a promotion right now that provides a free android phone to customer who purchase two months of their service. That’s right, you purchase only what you need in service, and you don’t even have to buy the phone. It’s hard to see how anyone loses in this scenario.

Travel Without Worrying About Coverage

GivMobile has a large coverage map that includes a large amount of the United States. That means that you can go from coast to coast and not have to worry about your phone working. You can also make phone calls to over forty countries from your prepaid phone. 

The best part about their no contract policy is that you are not stuck worrying about whether or not your phone will work in a different area. If your GivMobile phone does not work, you do not have to continue paying for it the next few months. You pay for what you need, not for what you have committed to.

If you are always on the go, sometimes months at a time, you do not want to be tied down by an expensive cell phone contract and plan. Save yourself some headache by purchasing a contract free phone with unlimited data and talk. You will be able to use the phone anywhere within its coverage area, and you will also be able to call the countries you have just visited. If you visit Giv Mobile, you might even get a free phone to go with your plan! These types of phones are not just a good investment; they also just make a whole lot of sense.